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Once you have picked a casino and are actually ready to play online slots, you will find that there are a great number of variations and game types available to you depending on which casino you are playing at. Below we have summarized the main slot machine types to help you navigate your way through all the games and find a machine that is right for you! When you want to begin playing slots online it is recommended to only play at casinos with slot machine games licensed and regulated by a Governement.

  • 3 Reel Slots - 3 reel slots are the most classic type of slot machine and as the name suggests have 3 different reels which are spun during game play. To win at 3 reel slots, players must align 3 symbols according to the payout chart on a single line on the slot.
  • 5 Reel Slots - 5 reel slots are very similar to 3 reel slots but have 2 more reels added during game play. This type of slot machine can have either a single pay line or multiple pay lines depending on the variation and sometimes also have a bonus play feature.
  • Multi-Line Slots - As the name suggest, these slot machines feature multiple payout lines which means you are playing with an increased wager per spin but also have tons more winning combinations that the reels can land on. Multi-Line slots can be played across a variety of slot machine variations including video slots, reel slots and bonus slot games.
  • Bonus Slots - Bonus feature slots are quickly becoming one of the most popular types of online slot machines. Bonus slots are usually made in video slot format and when certain symbols are hit a bonus round is activated for the player. This generally means that there is an extra game or feature associated with the slot which pays out a bonus multiplier on all machine wagers.
  • Video Slots - Video slots are another popular type of slot machine game that include animations, bonus rounds and multiple pay lines. These machines are often based around different themes are really fun with tons of different payout combinations & prizes.
  • Progressive Slots - Progressive slots are the last major type of slot machine available in online casinos and with these games a small portion of each wager is put towards a larger growing jackpot. Progressive machines are popular because of the massive payouts associated with them and almost every online casino offers them with jackpots easily reaching into the millions per machine.
  • Fruit Style Pub Slots - Popular throughout the UK, fruit machines are a form of slot that gets it name from the symbols displayed on the reels. These machines are found in pubs throughout the UK and are a popular past time for patrons who play them well drinking at the bar. Some pub slots have cool features such as nudging which allows you to pick a reel to nudge which can change the outcome of the previous spin.

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